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Show in Piazza Bra with the Melegatti Verona Christmas Run

There were 4,000 Santa Clauses this Sunday December 18 in Piazza Bra with the Melegatti Verona Christmas Run, the sweetest and happiest run of the year.

Part of the proceeds will benefit RoadRunnerHeart.

VERONA – Don't call it the Melegatti Verona Christmas Run, it's an understatement. In reality it is a celebration of the city and of the people of Verona, it is the sweetest excuse to show up early in Piazza Bra and exchange Christmas greetings. In between there are 5 or 10km to walk or run and above all there are 4 thousand people, families and children, who have decided that it is always more beautiful to experience these events in this way, with enthusiasm, serenity and well-being.

Melegatti Verona Christmas Run which thus took place once again in the center of Verona, an event organized by Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon Asd, a company that organized the Verona Marathon a month ago and in 50 days on February 12 will start the Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon. The Councilor for social and housing policies Luisa Ceni predicted that it would be a memorable day a few days ago on the occasion of the presentation press conference: “Thanks to Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon ASD for having organized this initiative which is not new for the city of Verona. On Sunday the streets of Verona will be invaded peacefully, it will be wonderful to see the city colored with enthusiasm".

A real party with lots of music with Dj Alex Mibroy and Dj Sundree and with Maria Teresa De Pierro, Founder and President of the APS (Association of Social Promotion) "Istinti Artistici", also known as a songwriter as Merysse, who performed intoning the most beautiful Christmas songs in Piazza Erbe.

A river of Santa Clauses for the city and the most important historical points, but also an opportunity today to do good with the solidarity project that animated the event. As for the Verona Marathon, part of the proceeds will still go to RoadRunnerHeart, a non-profit association born from the commitment of Daniele Bonacini, mechanical engineer, amputated in one leg following a road accident, engaged in the study of biomechanics of prostheses for the purpose of be able to supply them to amputees. Daniele is also a Paralympic athlete who wore the colors of the national team at the Athens Paralympics in 2004.

The goal is to raise the necessary funds for the purchase of a prosthesis to donate to a boy or girl in Verona who can thus go back to walking and playing sports. It is also possible to make a direct donation thus supporting RoadRunnerHeart by bank transfer to the Iban code IT79Y0623009467000030848623​ and indicate in the reason for payment: Solidarity project - Verona.

This is the thought of Stefano Stanzial, president of Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon Asd: “It is undoubtedly the most beautiful race to organize, the one that gives us the greatest joy. There is so much satisfaction in seeing thousands of people, many families and children come to Piazza Bra to celebrate Christmas and have fun. We have also always cared a lot about the solidarity of the event and we are thrilled by the combination with RoadRunnerHeart and the hope of being able to donate a prosthesis to some young Veronese who will need it. Thus we close a satisfactory 2022, where we still suffered in the first part of the year due to the pandemic that made us postpone the Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon from February to May 1, working in an emergency. The Veronamarathon went very well, it has almost returned to normal compared to the pre-pandemic years, while today's Melegatti Verona Christmas Run is truly unique. I thank all the municipal administration offices and the local police who always collaborate with us for the success of these events, all the sponsors who are close to us and all today's participants. Best wishes to everyone and see you on February 12, 2023”.


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